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Scoil an Athar Tadhg - Student Council

Student Council 2022/2023

Our Student Council is made up of pupils from 4th to 6th class 2022/2023. The Student Council are the voice for the pupils in Scoil an Athar Tadhg. They hold regular meetings to discuss life in our school and see what’s needed to be improved or initiatives to be worked on.


Check out below our Student Council page and school blog for reports of our ongoing work!

The Student Council are excellent role models for students in our school and make a valuable contribution to life in Scoil an Athar Tadhg.


Our Student Council members are:

4th Class: Caoimhe & Charlie
5th Class: Liam, Olivia & Conor

6th Class: Jake, Doireann, Grace, Eamonn & Ryan

Latest news...

Lámh Report

One of our roles as the Student Council is to make our school community more aware of the different ways that people can communicate like our friends in An Neidín. Lámh is this way of communicating for people with
communication disabilities and that’s why we can use ‘Lámh’. Our school had a brilliant idea for International Lámh Day. We helped students to understand how other people with a disability can communicate with us and that’s why we taught the school some hand signs from Lámh.
Lámh is a type of adapted sign language where you use your hands to communicate. The student council members visited every mainstream class to teach them Lámh signs for the duration of the week. We really enjoyed this experience.

By Doireann, Olivia & Caoimhe

Letters to the Nursing Homes

Before Christmas, one of the Student Councils assignments was to pair a student froma junior class with a student from the senior class. The senior member wrote a letter to someone in a certain nursing home wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, while the junior member drew a Christmas themed picture. They were paired together and sent off! Everyone took part in this event and enjoyed spreading Christmas joy to the elderly.


The names of the chosen nursing homes were :

Glendonagh , Ballynoe , Montenotte , Mount Cara , Bridhaven and Rosenalee Nursing homes.

STEM Showcase - 26/1/23

Click on the link to read more.... STEM SHOWCASE

Student Council report on the Christmas School Plays.

Part of our roles on the Student Council is to help out with the social gatherings around the school. e.g., assembly, concerts, plays etc.
Just before Christmas we helped to announce the Christmas plays. This meant that we had to do a bit of research on each of the plays and then script little introductions for them. The result of this was that each of the members of the audience were informed on each of the performances and what they were about. It was nerve-racking at first to go up in front of a live audience and rehearse our intros, but we quickly got the hang of it and it was quite a bit of fun.
This event really boosted our confidence in front of a crowd, and it helped with our social skills.

By – Jake, Charlie and Liam

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