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Travel Flag 

Our Green-Schools committee have been very busy working towards our Travel Flag which we hope to obtain this year. We have been promoting safe, sustainable transport by encouraging parents and children to walk, cycle, scoot and Park & Stride to school. Our hope is to reduce emissions and pollution from vehicles and promote safe, sustainable modes of transport.

In addition, we continue working to maintain our three Green Flags - Litter & Waste Management, Energy and Water flags each year.

How do we promote safe, sustainable transport?


Let our Green-Schools Committee Show you: Scoil an Athar Tadhg Green Schools Activities - YouTube


We hold Action Days.

  • We encourage people to Park & Stride. Parents can park at safe locations eg. The playground, and the children can use the footpath to safely walk to school.

  • We have WOW Days (Walk On Wednesdays) to encourage people to start walking to school.

  • We have COW Days (Cycle On Wednesdays) to promote safe cycling to school.

  • We hold Green- Schools Action Day events such as  “Go Green, Walk to School” which incorporated our Walk to school and Park & Stride initiatives:


Have a look at our Action Days

SAT Action Day Walk - YouTube



We make it safer at the school gates.


  • Improved traffic flow – Our Principal and Deputy Principal have been monitoring and directing the traffic flow at the school gates to ensure that the set-down area is operating effectively. This is safer for drivers and pedestrians and more people tend to walk or cycle as a result.

  • Our WOW Days are proving to be a success.


Have a look at our traffic surveys:

SAT Green-Schools - Safe, Sustainable Transport - YouTube



We use the curriculum to teach about safe, sustainable transport.

  • We look at how we can stay safe when we using the road. We can use maths to learn about the signs and lines on the road.

Maths Green Schools - YouTube


  • We can use science to learn about the effects of transport. We can reduce pollution by growing our own food.

Green Schools Food Production - YouTube


  • We learn about the effects of our Carbon Footprint on the planet. We can all make a difference to help protect planet Earth.

Green Schools Transport - YouTube



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