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STEM Showcase Thursday 26th Jan 2023

The Student Council were in charge of presenting

experiments completed by all classes in Scoil an Athar Tadhg

last Thursday at the schools STEM Showcase.

Here’s what the Student Council members thought about

their duties on the day:

‘I couldn’t wait to partake in the STEM showcase and to

explain the way the experiments worked. I really enjoyed

showing the students the buzzer game and catapults. Parents

and children had lots of fun playing with them. I explained to

Parents what each experiment was about and what was

involved in making them. When it was all finished, I was

relieved and I was very proud of myself.’ – Eamonn

‘I really enjoyed the STEM showcase. I was in charge of Mr.

White’s 5 th class stall and I loved showing everyone the

different experiments. This experience helped with my public

speaking and made me so much more confident in speaking

to an audience.’ - Grace

‘The STEM showcase helped me to boost my confidence as I

got to speak to adults about each experiment and answer

questions they had. It was really fun to see what experiments

other classes did and worked so hard on.’ – Conor

‘I really enjoyed the STEM showcase because it really helped

me with my confidence. It was so much fun to see what

experiments the Junior Infants completed. I really enjoyed

presenting their experiments.’ – Caoimhe

‘I really enjoyed the STEM showcase because I got an

opportunity to speak and explain the experiments to adults

and students, which really improved my confidence. I also

learned so much from the class I was working with.’ – Olivia

‘When I was working at my station during the STEM

showcase, I really improved my social skills and confidence. I

was very nervous at first, but after a while I got the hang of it

and I enjoyed it very much and had great fun!’ – Charlie

‘Being part of the STEM showcase was an amazing

experience. Showing all the parents all of the fantastic

experiments and projects was great. I was very grateful for

being included in this event.’ – Doireann

‘I loved the STEM showcase. I made a house out of a

showbox. I helped to present the experiments from 6 th class.

My favourite experiment were the BEE-Bots. I also learned

about Scratch and other coding website.’ – Ryan

‘As a member of the Student Council, my role at the STEM

showcase was to present projects completed by first class. I

presented the Lava lamp and a cloud in a bag experiments. I

found it very enjoyable explaining how each experiment

worked. From observing other stations, I realised that the

electrics station was very popular. I loved presenting the

experiments to friends, parents and family members who

attended to showcase. It was a tiring but a really enjoyable

experience.’ – Liam

‘I found out about a lot of new experiments from some of the

classes. I learned about presenting/ showcasing is all about

and how to make little tweaks or improvements on how I can

put my best foot forward for the presentations.’ – Jake

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