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Sponsored School Walk 29th May

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We will be holding a Sponsored School Walk on Wed. 29th of May to raise funds for educational materials and resources. We have previously used funds to expand the range of equipment we have available for use by all ages and abilities in Reading, Maths, PE and Science.

The walk will commence from the school yard at 11.00am.

We are conscious that children of different ages are capable of walking different distances and, with that in mind, have planned out 4 routes of varying distance.

Route 1: 1Km : Junior & Senior Infants

School to entrance of Carrigwell and back to school

Route 2: 2.5Km: 1st & 2nd Classes

School to Carrigwell, once around Carrigwell estate, back to school.

Route 3: 3.5Km: 3rd & 4th Classes

School to Sacred Heart College, once around the secondary school building, back to school.

Route 4: 5Km 5th & 6th Classes

School to Sacred Heart College, once around the secondary school building, back to Carrigwell estate, once around the estate and back to school.

· Pupils in An Neidin classes will walk with the class they are paired with from the mainstream school.

· All children will walk as a class group with their class teacher and SNA.

· The route will be well supervised by adult stewards in high visibility jackets.

· Any child who has a high visibility jacket should wear it on the day.

· We would like this to be a fun, enjoyable activity for all the children and would be delighted if parents/ guardians/nanas/granddads could join us and walk with their child’s class on the day.

· We would also greatly appreciate if some parents were available to act as stewards. Please contact the office with your name if you're in a position to help out.

· Your son/daughter has a specially assigned Sponsor Sheet.

Dates for Your Diary

16th May: Letter and Sponsorship cards distributed to each child. Children will be encouraged to ask family, friends and neighbours for sponsorship.

28th May: Sponsorship cards and funds raised to be returned to class teacher on or before this date.

29th May: School Walk : School Walk commencing at 11.00am

We look forward to our school walk and hope that many of you will join us on the day to promote walking as a free, family-friendly physical activity.

Please complete the form below and return it to your eldest child’s class teacher by May18th.

My child/ren (named below) have permission to participate in the school walk on May 29th :

Yes o No o

Child’s Name: _______________________ Class: _____________

Child’s Name: _______________________ Class: _____________

Child’s Name: _______________________ Class: _____________

Child’s Name: _______________________ Class: _____________

I, or other family member, (named below) will take part in the walk with my child/ren

Yes o No o

Family Member walking: _______________________

Family Member walking: _______________________

I am willing to take on the role of Steward on the day of the walk Yes o No o

Signed: _____________________ (Parent/Guardian) Date: _______________

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