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Scoil an Athar Tadhg in Croke Park!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Croke Park 22nd of October 2023

On Sunday morning most of the people who were going to Croke Park got up early and drove down to Dublin, a few people went on the half-eight train and some of us even went down the night before. We were allowed to walk around town and do what we wanted with our parents/guardians until one o clock, which is when we met outside the stadium by Croke Park hotel. We chatted for a small length of time and then we walked into the stadium. First, we watched some of the matches that were on at that time and then we put on our school jerseys and changed into our boots. Then we went down on to the pitch to take a picture with a photographer but we also took a lot of other pictures too. Then we went back up into the stand and when a volunteer from Allianz who were hosting the event called us, we walked down the steps and we went into the tunnel. Then when our school’s name was called, we sprinted out of the tunnel onto the pitch. Then we played two teams one of them was called star of the sea Sandymount from Dublin and the other team was a school from Carlow. It was 12 aside and there was 15 people there so everyone got gametime and the subs were rolling on and off all the time. After the two matches we took some pictures with our family’s and altogether too. We went upstairs where they had tea and chocolate bars. We were too late to get the bars but we did get some tea. The day was a great success and everyone who was their enjoyed it. Hopefully we will have more opportunities to play in big stadiums like Croke Park an Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

Daniel O'Donovan

5th Class

Photo Gallery

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