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Poetry Competition 2023

Updated: May 6, 2023

The Tree’s Tale

Curious children wander to the stream, they gaze at the view with the shop’s yummy ice-cream.

As soon as the bell goes up at the school,

giggly children zoom to the pool.

Tipsy teens hang by the pub,

Boys and girls play in their club.

They all have so much fun in the park,

Lots still litter leaving their mark.

We all enjoy it greatly here where we are,

We all love the little village of

Carraig na bhFear.

I shall know, for I see all,

I am the one who’s leaves

wither in fall.

By Aidan Cunningham

My Home

My home is a place where swallows soar high

My home is a place where you can’t miss a stop by.

My home is a haven for nature and the like,

My home is a haven for kids games and bikes.

My home is where streaky streams sparkle like sapphires,

My home is where we’re treated like ladies and sires.

My home is the best, my favourite, the best bar far,

Yes, my home is in Carraig na bhFear.

By Jake Varley

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