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Neurodiversity - My Perspective --- by Nathan.


By Nathan Cummins

I am an autistic child, so I know a lot about Neurodiversity. I have

been to OT, and I have Aspergers. Aspergers means that I can think

about something for a long time and not think about much else. A

good thing about it is I can remember good things and I can

remember lots of facts too. A bad thing is I can remember some bad

things and things I’d rather not think about. Here are some other

things about how being neurodivergent can make me think and act.

People with autism can think differently compared to other people

but that’s not a bad thing because everybody thinks differently. Lots

of my friends in the special classes tend to mimic things they’ve

heard. I do this as well, but me and one of my friends made up a

game based on mimicking. We take turns mimicking a TV

advertisement like “Next up more of SpongeBob Squarepants on

Nicktoons”. My friend and I like this game, we think it’s fun.

Me and some of my friends do not like certain noises like loud ones

(ECT). Sometimes I want to say something but I’m not sure how to

put it and I’m worried that it might come out wrong and hurt

someone’s feelings or it might be a bad example.

People with autism can think about their day differently. I break up

my school day in my head I break it into 4 parts Morning, Middle,

After big break and what I call the home stretch. I look out for how

much work I must do each day. I like to see what work I must be

aware of through the day so I am prepared. Sometimes I rush

something if I want to do another thing but it will only make it longer

because I will have to go back to it and fix it.

I also find joy in the simple things. We go on the same walk over and

over and my siblings gets tired of it, but I don’t. I also find trying new

foods hard because the taste, and sometimes the texture makes me

dislike it.


Thank you for reading (or listening) to my project I

hope you know more about neurodiversity and

autism than when you started.

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