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Influence Your Reading with Daniels Top 10 Books List For Kids Aged 10-13

Influence Your Reading with Daniels Top 10 Books List For Kids Aged 10-13

About me

Hi, my name is Daniel O’ Donovan. I’m 10 years old and my genuine interests are reading, GAA, athletics and soccer. I also like writing short stories in school. I’ve read a lot of books in my life but there is definitely some of them that I liked more than others. I’m going to explain to you why these books and series have made it into my top 10. I’ll help you understand all the characters and what the stories are about and I know we’ll have loads of fun along the way.

Book No.10

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories are a great way of learning as they find a way to make it fun by having cool titles like Groovy Greeks or Rotten Romans. They have some cool facts, and of course, some gruesome facts as well. While you’re learning, your also having fun as these laugh-out-loud books will leave you with a sore throat after laughing so much.

Book No.9

My Brother Is a Superhero

The My Brother Is a Superhero series is a laugh-out-loud comedy series that will crack anyone from age 1 to age 1,000 featuring alien teachers, bullies and of course a superhero and his brother.

Book No. 8

Ultimate Football Heroes

Ultimate Football Heroes is a series which takes a look at football superstars’ lives. Of course, it’s not official so not everything the books tell you is true but no matter who your interested in, from Messi to Mbappe. So, grab your money, rush out and by your football heroes today.

Book No.7

Harry Potter series

Harry Potter is a thrilling series with twists, turns and action. Discover how a once 11-year-old trainee wizard grew up to be magics biggest hero in thrilling scenes of boldness, braveness, a sense for trouble and, of course a big sense for adventure and danger.

Book No.6

A Tale of Magic…

This series is great for fans of fantasy books as it combines magic with witchcraft, Smart with stupid, harmony with destruction and action with adventure. A really great series for budding readers.

Book No.5


And then they were gone. All the people over 15 disappear in this thriller series and when people start to earn powers and strange animal mutations happen everyone starts taking sides. This series will blow your mind with unbelievable scenes and breathtaking action.

Book No.4

The land of stories

The land of stories is a thriller series by Chris Colfer where two twins fall through their grandmother’s storybook. They find that fairytales aren’t the fantasy they were told about. Join these two young adventurers on a story full of bad guys, good guys and a lot and I mean a lot of surprises.

Book No.3

Alex Rider

When 14-year-old Alex’s uncle dies he discovers that his dad and his uncle were both spies for British intelligence MI6 Alex gets himself dragged into their line of work. A world full of spies and assassins opens up before his very eyes. This book is a thrilling series with action scenes as fast as a movie from Antony Horowitz.

Book No.2

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is a thrilling series full of danger and unbelievable action. When 12-year-old Percy finds out that he’s the son of the Greek god Poseidon he must travel to a camp for “Demigods”. This series has breathtaking action scenes and is definitely one of the best books of the decade.

Book No.1!!!

Heroes of Olympus!!!

Heroes of Olympus is a unbelievable series that follows up to the Percy Jackson series. Join Percy and his friends as they uncover a new roman camp. But an ancient monster is awakening and the only way to stop it is for the Greeks and Romans to work together. However, returning an ancient statue might be the only way to solve a Millenia old grudge between the Greeks and the Romans. This series is breathtaking as shows that Rick Riordan deserves the title “storyteller of the gods”.



Phew! We did it everyone! We made it through a whole 10 books! This means you now know the best books for, if you’re an adult, your child and if you’re a child, for yourself. I really hope you like this list as I put in a big effort. I hope I’ve made reading a more enjoyable experience for you.

Yours Truly,

Daniel O’ Donovan





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