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Engineering Week 2020

To coincide with Engineering Week 2020 and to raise awareness and excitement of the role and value of STEM in everyday life and its application to real world problem solving, the children will receive receive a reduced amount of written homework this week. Instead we will be sending home a menu of STEM activities/challenges. We are asking the children to complete some activities (at least one) from their STEM menu at home over the course of the week.  On Friday 13th March we will have a STEM Show and Tell day in the classroom. The children will be asked to either bring in what they designed/created/made at home or bring in a photo/ drawing of their challenge to share with their classmates.

Please assist your child with their activities/challenges but please let your child do the bulk of the work and creative design. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful ideas and creativity on our Show and Tell day and I hope you enjoy working on the STEM activities/challenges together!

Here are two links to websites that contain some great STEM ideas to try out at home.


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