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***Updated*** Cork City Sports 2024 - Thur. 30th May

Updated: May 28


Dear Principals,


As we make our final preparations for the upcoming Lúthchleasa Bhunscoileanna Chorcaí/Primary School Sports 100th Anniversary Event we would like to bring the following to your attention. 


1. Please remind parents & people attending the event that parking will be limited. We advise to Car Pool where possible. New this year there will also be a Park n Ride for those attending from the Dog Track. Please be aware though that traffic will be extremely busy & races will not be delayed for any runner stuck in traffic, so if using Park n Ride please allow sufficient time to get back to MTU. 


2. Bus: Buses will not be allowed in MTU. There is parking available for buses in the Showgrounds. Please exchange numbers with Bus driver so to be able to contact to come & collect from MTU. Gardai will be on duty redirecting any buses to the Showground. 


3. Parade: Schools marching in the parade are allowed to have all participating runners & supervising teachers to march in the parade. Each school will have a varying number, some may be quite small, some quite big. Also schools do not have to have a flag/banner to March in the parade.


4. Questions: there will be stewards in the room at the top of the stand should you have any questions on the day or need to pick up anything from us


5. Map: please see attached map of the pitch in MTU which may help some runners & attendees have a better understanding of the running on the day. The Roinns will alternate between the two straight races tracks A & B. 


6. Additional Needs Races: To avoid any confusion these races are different to the para event that was scheduled to be held in UCC in April that unfortunately we had to cancel due the track being closed for health & safety. There are different children running in these additional needs races Roinn RB & they have all been sent appropriate race cards in the pack.


7. Timetable: the timetable for the day is the emailed document that was sent earlier in May. There has been no changes to this. 


8. As always we ask you to be patient with everyone on the day. All stewards are volunteering their time freely on the day & we thank them for that & we ask that you treat them with respect & understanding. 

It is an extremely busy event with 1000s of children taking part & delays will occur. We will try our best to ensure that delays are not very long but we do look for your understanding in this. 


We thank you for your constant support of the Sports & look forward to celebrating our centenary with you on Thursday. 

Here’s hoping for some fine weather,


Cranait Fahy


Dear Parent(s) & Guardian(s),


Cork City School Sports Thur. 30th May in MTU Cork.


*** Please find attached a selection of documents 


Boys Note

Girls Note


2024 marks the 100th year anniversary of the City Sports and as a result timetables this year will be significantly different…..(boys races much later) 


Meeting Point

Google maps meeting point location


All  updated info. will also be on the school website. 


In permission section of Aladdin app please approve/tick permission slip. 


Thank you,

M. White


CCS Girls note 24
Download PDF • 103KB


CCS Boys 24
Download PDF • 125KB


Provisional Timetable Primary School Sports 2024
Download PDF • 130KB

Parents Info.
Download PDF • 2.21MB

Parking Restrictions
Download PDF • 272KB

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