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A Message from An Neidin

September 2019.

Dear parents,

As I am sure you are aware we have a special Unit attached to our school which caters for children who are on the Autism Spectrum. The name of our unit is “An Neidin”.

At present we have children enrolled in “An Neidin” ranging from the age of three years, in our Early Intervention class, right up to children who are attached to Sixth Class, so approximately twelve years old.

An important part of the childrens’ development involves providing opportunities for integration with children in the mainstream school, playing games and engaging in learning opportunities with their peers.

This can happen in the mainstream setting or in the various classrooms throughout “An Neidin”. Where children visit “An Neidin” from mainstream this is called reverse integration.

Over the years this approach has been very beneficial, successful and enjoyable for all pupils involved.

If you wish that your child should NOT participate in Reverse Integration activities please inform the school secretary on 4884509 asap.

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