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Neurodiversity Week - Day 5

Thanks to all of the pupils, staff and families that took part in our school's Neurodiversity Week this week.

Let's all remember to be kind.

To end the week, I have included below a quote from one of our pupils in An Neidín. Last year they completed a wonderful project called Neurodiversity - My Perspective. The full project can be viewed on our school website

"People with autism can think differently compared to other people

but that’s not a bad thing because everybody thinks differently. Lots

of my friends in the special classes tend to mimic things they’ve

heard. I do this as well, but me and one of my friends made up a

game based on mimicking. We take turns mimicking a TV

advertisement like “Next up more of SpongeBob SquarePants on

Nicktoons”. My friend and I like this game, we think it’s fun."


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