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GAA launch Movement Break resources for children

The GAA are delighted to launch a new series of Movement Break resources in conjunction with the Moving Well-Being Well (MWBW) initiative. Aimed at four to 8-year-old children, these evidenced-based and developmentally sound videos aim to enhance their fundamental movement skills (FMS).

To help meet the challenges of home-schooling and no club activity, this set of video learning resources provide assistance to both primary teachers and parents to contribute to children’s physical activity needs.

FMS are the ‘building block’ of more advanced sport-specific skills and are key to children being active later in life. Each video series concentrates on a specific skill and then progresses to a slightly more difficult version of the same skill.

The Moving Well-Being Well project is a partnership between the GAA, the DCU’s School of Health and Human Performance, and the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics and Dublin GAA. The team are also delighted to collaborate with the PDST PE department.

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