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6th Class - Lifetime Lab & National Children's Choir

This week 6th class have had a very busy week! On Tuesday we went to Whitechurch for our very first National Children’s choir rehearsal. This is a school based choral experience for primary school children and a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn a wide repertoire of songs from musical genres including modern, religious, popular and classical.

We will be joining up with a number of other schools three times during the year to rehearse these songs with an Assistant Musical Director. The aims of the National Children's Choir are to foster a love of choral singing among primary school pupils and to enhance the musical education of those involved. There will be a regional concert in May for the children to perform what they have learned. Information on this will follow later this year.

On Wednesday and Thursday we went to a Lifetime Lab science workshop which included practical, hands-on science activities that promote problem solving, investigation and discovery learning across a range of scientific topics. The students really enjoyed this opportunity and had great fun working as engineers, scientists and problem solvers for the day!

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